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2022 Genesis G70


Starting from CAD $47,000

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The Genesis G70 is one of our favourite sporty sedans in the segment. The G70 is the brand’s smallest luxury sedan and includes the best part from German and Japanese competitors. We really like the G70 because of its sleek design, quick turbocharged V6 engine choice, and an extensive list of standard features. If you are looking for a sporty sedan, this offering from Genesis should be at the top of your shopping list.

Performance & Handling

The G70 sedan is a compelling option for buyers seeking a dynamic and exciting driving experience. With its turbocharged V6 engine generating an impressive 365 horsepower, the G70 stands out as one of the most powerful vehicles in its class. This engine allows the sedan to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, which is really quick. Complementing the engine is the eight-speed automatic transmission, which excels in delivering quick and seamless gear shifts during acceleration. The transmission’s responsiveness enhances the overall driving dynamics, ensuring a smooth and engaging ride.

While the G70’s all-wheel drive (AWD) system may not be the best in the segment, it remains competent and reliable. The AWD system effectively distributes power to all four wheels, enhancing traction and stability, particularly in harsh road conditions. While other competitors may offer slightly more advanced AWD systems, the G70 still gets the job done.

What truly sets the G70 apart from its rivals is its ability to infuse excitement into everyday commutes. Unlike most sedan options, the G70 injects a sense of thrill and enthusiasm into your daily drive. Whether you’re maneuvering through city traffic or tackling winding country roads, the G70’s dynamic performance and responsive handling elevate the driving experience, making each ride a fun one.

Technology & Connectivity

The G70 has a 10.25-inch high-resolution touchscreen display that is strategically positioned high on the dashboard, ensuring optimal visibility and ease of use. Its placement allows the driver to access important information and control various features without diverting their attention from the road. The high-resolution display is responsive and offers clear graphics and visuals, providing a visually pleasing and immersive user experience. Additionally, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard.

The G70 also offers multiple USB outlets strategically placed throughout the cabin. These USB ports provide passengers with the convenience of keeping their personal devices charged. It’s worth noting that as one of the older designs in Genesis’ lineup, its interior isn’t as luxurious as that of the current G80 or G90, or the GV70 SUV. The newer designs in Genesis’ lineup feature even more refined materials, advanced technologies, and elevated levels of comfort and luxury.

Interior & Comfort

Step inside the G70, and you’ll find an interior that effortlessly blends elegance with functionality. The use of high-quality materials throughout the cabin speaks to Genesis’ commitment to luxury. From supple leather upholstery to tasteful trim accents, every detail has been carefully considered to create an atmosphere of refined sophistication. The driving position in the G70 is designed to provide optimal comfort and control. The seats offer excellent support and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, allowing drivers to find their ideal position behind the wheel. The thoughtful ergonomics ensure that all the essential controls are within easy reach, promoting a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.

One thing to consider is the limited space in the rear seats of the G70. While the front seats offer ample room and comfort, taller passengers in the rear may find the legroom somewhat restrictive. This can be a challenge for those who frequently transport taller passengers or require generous rear-seat space. However, for most adults, the rear seats still provide reasonable comfort and support.

The G70’s suspension system deserves commendation for its ability to deliver a smooth and composed ride. It does a good job of absorbing bumps and imperfections on the road, ensuring that occupants experience minimal disruptions and vibrations. As for the seats, Genesis has upheld its reputation for providing exceptional comfort. The seats in the G70 are designed with a focus on ergonomic support and cushioning, allowing occupants to settle in for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

When compared to other premium vehicles in its class, it’s worth noting that the G70’s cabin is louder at highway speeds. While Genesis has made efforts to insulate the cabin, there is more road and wind noise present when compared to competitors.


Cargo Space & Storage

When it comes to trunk space, the G70 falls below average for its class. The trunk lid opens wide, facilitating easy loading and unloading of items. However, with a capacity of 297 L, the space may feel a bit restrictive, particularly when compared to some of its competitors. The G70 does allow you to fold down the rear seats, which allows you to expand the cargo area when needed. By folding the rear seats down, you can create a larger and more versatile space, accommodating longer or bulkier items that wouldn’t fit in the trunk alone.

In terms of interior space, similar to the trunk space, G70 is not the class leader among sedans. However, it still offers a reasonable amount of room and practicality for the storage of small items. You’ll find various compartments and pockets strategically placed throughout the interior, allowing you to keep smaller belongings within easy reach. Whether it’s storing your phone or wallet, the G70 ensures that you can organize and stow them securely.

Ultimately, while the G70 may not provide the most trunk space in its class, its focus lies more on delivering a balance of performance and luxury within a compact sedan package. If you prioritize passenger comfort and driving enjoyment over maximum cargo capacity, the G70 should be on top of your shopping list.

Fuel Economy

The Genesis G70’s AWD turbo V6 engine only gets 11.5 L/100km combined, which is below average for the segment. In our test, we averaged 12 L/100km with both city and highway driving.


Genesis Canada

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Genesis Canada

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