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2022 Kia Sorento


Starting from CAD $37,683

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Kia’s revamped Sorento appears to be ready to make a splash in the competitive three-row SUV market thanks to its futuristic styling, high-end cabin, and flashy new displays. The Sorento isn’t just a pretty face, it delivers thanks to an updated interior and plenty of modern tech. The first two rows of the Sorento are spacious, while the third row is only suitable for kids due to the vehicle’s size and shape. The Sorento is one of the most reasonably priced crossovers while being loaded to the full with high-tech features and luxurious touches.

Performance & Handling

The 2022 Kia Sorento excels in terms of performance and handling, offering a good driving experience for a compact SUV. Under the hood, you get 2 engine offerings to meet the needs of all shoppers. The standard engine is a 2.5 L four-cylinder which is good enough for daily driving. For those who want more performance, Kia offers a turbocharged 2.5 L four-cylinder engine. This turbocharged engine option is quite impressive, allowing the Sorento to merge onto the highway with ease and effortlessly overtake other vehicles.

The Sorento does great when it comes to handling, something we don’t usually expect from this class. The chassis of the Sorento has been engineered to provide composed and confident handling in various road conditions. Whether navigating winding roads or maneuvering through city streets, the Sorento feels agile and responsive, providing drivers with a sense of control and stability.

To enhance the driving experience further, Kia’s available Dynamax™ All-Wheel Drive system intelligently distributes power between the front and rear wheels, enhancing traction and stability. This system ensures optimal performance in snowy conditions or when driving on uneven terrain.

Technology & Connectivity

The Sorento impresses us with its tech. Starting with the infotainment system, which features a 10.3″ touchscreen display placed prominently in the center console. The user-friendly interface provides quick and easy access to a range of functions, including audio controls, navigation, and vehicle settings. You can also opt for the available digital instrument cluster. This high-resolution display replaces traditional analog gauges with a customizable digital screen, which not only looks good but allows drivers to personalize it to their preference. Additionally, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard regardless of what trim you buy.

In terms of connectivity, the Sorento provides multiple USB ports, allowing passengers to charge their devices on the go. For added convenience, you can also get the available wireless charging pad. Rear-seat passengers can also benefit from available USB ports in the rear, ensuring everyone stays connected throughout the journey.

The Sorento is also equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that make your daily commute safer. These include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.


Interior & Comfort

Kia did a great job designing a spacious and inviting cabin that combines high-quality materials, modern design, and thoughtful features to enhance the overall driving experience. Step inside the Sorento, and you’ll immediately notice the attention to detail. The interior has a clean and sophisticated layout, with well-placed controls and intuitive ergonomics. In addition to that the soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery options create an ambiance of luxury and comfort inside the Sorento.

The Sorento also impressed us with its seating versatility. With available seating for up to seven passengers, this SUV accommodates families with ease. The available captain’s chairs in the second row offer enhanced comfort and easy access to the third row. There is ample legroom and headroom for passengers in the first and second rows to enjoy the ride. However, the third row is more suitable for kids due to the vehicle’s size and shape which is to be expected. Additionally, the Sorento offers available features like heated and ventilated seats to ensure maximum passenger comfort.

The climate control system does a great job of keeping the cabin comfortable and the available panoramic sunroof makes the cabin feel open. Furthermore, Kia has spent a lot of time on sound insulation, resulting in little road and wind noise at highway speeds.

Cargo Space & Storage

While the 2022 Kia Sorento offers impressive cargo space when the second and third rows of seats are folded flat (2,138 L), it’s important to note that the third-row seating configuration does limit the available cargo area. With the third row of seats up, the cargo capacity is reduced to 357 L, which may be restrictive for larger items or when you have a full passenger load.

However, the Sorento makes up for the limited cargo space with its smart storage solutions and spacious cabin. Despite the smaller cargo area with the third-row seats in use, the Sorento ensures ample storage space for your belongings across all three rows. You’ll find various storage compartments strategically placed throughout the cabin, providing convenient spaces for storing smaller items such as personal belongings, electronics, snacks, or drinks.

The front console offers a deep storage compartment where you can keep items out of sight, helping to maintain a clutter-free interior. The door pockets provide additional storage for items like water bottles, maps, or sunglasses, keeping them within easy reach of the driver and passengers.

Fuel Economy

With the standard 2.5 L engine, Kia estimates fuel economy of 10.1/9.2 L/100 km (city/highway), while the turbocharged variant is rated at 11.1/8.4 L/100 km.


Kia Canada

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Kia Canada

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